What does it take to be outstanding at Tile and Masonry?

If you ever ponder a tile or masonry project you will see the intricate patterns and colorful details. Matching stones, tiles, colors, surfaces, and shapes is a complex process.  For us it takes as much precision to complete a project such as the Portland Transit Mall, as it does to meet Phil Knight’s expectations in the team facilities at the UO Matthew Knight Arena.  And we are creative too! An example is our work on the intricate Evergreen Space Museum “Planet Walk” that depicts each planet with stunning textures and materials.

Most important to our customers is our extensive jobsite experience and our understanding of both the potential, and the limitations, of the tile, masonry and paving materials we use.  Our goal is to work with clients to ensure optimal choices for successful tile and masonry installations. From new construction and remodels, to historic renovations, Schonert & Associates is a favorite choice of architects, designers, general contractors, and building owners alike.

Schonert & Associates specializes in commercial stone, tile, and masonry paving for both interior and exterior applications. Schonert & Associates has expertise in Natural Stone, Cultured Stone, Flagstone, Ceramic, Glass and Porcelain tile, Glass Blocks, Travertine, Marble, Granite and Masonry Pavers. Interior and Exterior stone and masonry projects in the Portland Metro Area, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Salem, Eugene, Vancouver and throughout Oregon and Washington.

[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-gg” style=”2″ icon_bg_color=”#ffcc43″ divider_color=”#ffcc43″ image_u=”2215″ title=”Interiors ” link=”http://schonerttile.com/project-gallery/”] Stunning interiors are the result of creativity and craftsmanship. We specialize in creating spaces that combine your vision with style and functionality. [/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-leaf” style=”2″ icon_bg_color=”#ffcc43″ divider_color=”#ffcc43″ image_u=”1543″ title=”Exteriors” link=”http://schonerttile.com/project-gallery/”] Unique exterior designs represent both form and function. Creativity and enduring materials enhance the purpose and perception of your space. [/anps_featured]
[anps_featured icon=”fa fa-skyatlas” style=”2″ icon_bg_color=”#ffcc43″ divider_color=”#ffcc43″ image_u=”1887″ title=”Specialty Designs” link=”http://schonerttile.com/project-gallery/”] Vision becomes reality with our specialty designs. Years of experience enable us to create artistic and unique concepts to represent your theme and brand. [/anps_featured]
A Family Business

We are truly a family of stone and tile craftsmen. Don Schonert grew up in the business and now his sons, Josh and Jason, are craftsmen as well.

Scope of Products

We work both indoors and outdoors. The stone paths at North Park Square in the Pearl, or the gardens at Lewis and Clark College, are both interesting examples of outdoor stone applications.

Solution Minded

The personality of a building or space comes to life through the creative use of stone and tile accents. Interesting patterns, materials, and color compositions create character and charm.

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